Men VS Boys

Men VS Boys

  1. Men create their own style. Boys are sheep and follow the flock.
  2. Men want women. Boys need women.
  3. Men stand up for themselves. Boys will fall over in the wind.
  4. Men test new boundaries. Boys stay far from the edge.
  5. Men keep their body in shape. Boys use it as a trash can.
  6. Men are curious. Boys know it all.
  7. Men stand firm in adversity. Boys flinch at the slightest sound.
  8. Men care about the truth. Boys care about being right.
  9. Men support their claim with evidence. Boys support their claim with opinion.
  10. Men encourage others. Boys criticize others.
  11. Men lead. Boys follow.
  12. Men offer solutions to problems. Boys complain and avoid problems.
  13. Men will lead their men from the front lines. Boys will delegate their troops from the Ivory Tower.
  14. Men see their lives with abundance. Boys see their lives with scarcity.
  15. Men forgive people who wronged them. Boys hold on to resentment.
  16. Men know the value of a woman. Boys try and illustrate only their value to women.
  17. Men make “it” about the World and their place in it. Boys make “it” about themselves and how everyone should recognize that.
  18. Men run towards the fire when they hear someone in distress. Boys run from the fire when they hear someone in distress.

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