New Family Crest? Maybe

New Family Crest? Maybe

I ain’t a graphic designer. I don’t even know how to use Wacom or any drawing tablet. But I like to create a logo for my business, my social media profile, for my brother’s cafe, my wife’s online store and here, I created a new one, might be just a youtube logo, or even more – a family crest.

Why deer?

Well, I have a few of them ON my right leg. Deer is my first tattoo(s). I like deer for their elegance. I like deer because no deer roams alone, they always go in a pack.

For some people, deer maybe a symbol of pride but for me they symbolize sensitivity, gentleness and family. Oh, and nothing wrong with pride as long as it is not hurting anybody. What’s the meaning of a “gift” if you can’t be proud of it?

This one was stylized, skewed and shadowed.


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